Genetic Counseling

Through our partnership with Integrated Genetics, we are able to provide genetic counseling services at our center. Genetic counselors are specially trained in both clinical genetics and counseling and have a Master’s Degree in Genetic Counseling or Human Genetics. They are licensed by the state of California and must pass a board certification exam to be able to practice.

Genetic counseling allows you to work one-on-one with a healthcare professional who has expertise in genetic health risks, conditions, and testing. Genetic counseling involves taking a pregnancy and family history for both parents to evaluate any problems that may impact the pregnancy. You will be asked about your ethnic background as well as asked to discuss your own health and that of relatives. In addition, the myriad testing options available to you during your pregnancy are discussed so you are able to make a fully-informed decision about what, if any, testing is right for you.

Genetic counseling is also available for those wishing to discuss any abnormal testing results. A genetic counselor can help interpret and explain the results as well as offer support during what may be a difficult period.

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