Read about our amazing patient who is reaching out to help those in need:

About a year ago, I was a patient of Dr. Platt. I was approaching my 2nd trimester and discovered my baby in utero had a rare syndrome, your office double confirmed this finding and I decided to terminate my pregnancy. Everything happened so fast. My first ultrasound was just one week prior and now I was in such a disheartening predicament. Dr. Platt and your genetic counselors were absolutely lovely. I was by myself that day because my husband was in surgery. Needless to say, I was frazzled. Your office issued a flyer for a pregnancy loss therapist and I went to see her a few times but didn’t feel she was too connected with my needs. She was a good therapist just not right for me. I also attended grief groups specifically for pregnancy loss, but I still felt there was a void.

In going through my healing process, I discovered the need for more in depth care for mothers and all family members affected. I decided to incorporate treating this demographic into my acupuncture practice. I know exactly what it feels like to go through something so traumatic. From the onset of bad news, to having to research a syndrome I never heard of, to where to go to for grief counseling, the awful and unnecessarily complicated process to terminate a wanted pregnancy and all the jumping of hoops it entailed, to the difficulties faced when one problem presents itself how almost always every problem resurfaces with a vengeance, the physical pain, and the list goes on!

I incorporate acupuncture and it’s 4000 year old Chinese medical history into better serving my patients. I have an office in Mar Vista and I also make house calls! I create a space for my patients to express their feelings, I wholeheartedly listen to them, and use acupuncture and cupping and many other modalities to calm and rebuild their morale and physical strength. My first treatment is just under 2 hours so I can properly get to know my patient and treatments are 1 hour thereafter. I also have the knowledge and license to prescribe herbal formulas for calming and many other patient needs. I am a cash only practitioner due to all the red tape insurance companies so often create. 1st visit is $195 and follow ups are $120. Different packages are available for families.
I can treat the mother, partner, child, and other relatives. I am currently taking additional pediatric training to better serve my younger patient population. I treat women that had a pregnancy loss at all stages of trimesters from a few weeks to full term. Everybody’s experience is unique and treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Acupuncture helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation thus decreasing pain, and calms the mind leading to less stress.Our amazing patient reaching out to help those in need.

Contact Crystal Cruz at 424-272-6022
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