My name is Karisa Peer, Ph.D. and I am the founder and CEO of Mother Squad, Inc. Mother Squad provides pregnant and new moms with a convenient and affordable way to connect to one another via live video chat support groups, which are facilitated by licensed therapists.

I founded Mother Squad after a high risk pregnancy, which was followed by a difficult transition into motherhood. Dr. Silverman was my perinatologist and he was one of the most supportive people I came across during that time. He helped ease a lot of the concerns my husband and I had along the way due to different complications with my pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. Pregnant and new moms often lack the adequate support systems that they need. In my work, I have interviewed hundreds of mothers about their pregnancies and early motherhood. Most of these women have emphasized the feeling of isolation and not feeling validated or understood.

Our virtual support groups change this status quo. We make it easy for expectant or new moms to connect to one another. Moms can access our live video chats through their computer, tablet, or smartphones. They meet virtually–so you can do it from the comfort of home. We offer daytime and evening sessions seven days a week. Moms can pick what day and time works best for them.

The groups are made up of 6-8 women who are in similar stages of their pregnancies or motherhood. Peer-to-peer support is crucial during pregnancy and early motherhood because it adds a sense of community at a time in which only women going through similar experiences would be able to empathize.

Additionally, most of our facilitators are mothers who personally understand what it is like to go through pregnancy and/or early motherhood. Our facilitators provide the women in their groups with educational information on topics that are driven by the needs of the participants. These topics focus on chatting about the lows and highs of pregnancy and early motherhood, as well as mom-care, which is self-care specifically designed for pregnant and new moms.

I created Mother Squad because I wanted to pay it forward and provide support to other moms who might be going through difficult pregnancies or having a hard time transitioning into motherhood after a high risk pregnancy. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining our Squads, please visit You can also follow us on social media (handle: @joinmothersquad).

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